Contoh Karangan UPSR: MY SCHOOL, by NUNA
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Singapore NUNA
2010-02-12 21:58
I am studying in Pandan Primary Schhol.It is awell-known school in Singapore.The school is four stories high.it stands majestically between the West Coast Road and Jurong Town Hall.I am glad that the school is situated in a quiet environment away from the din of the city.There are two sessions in the school,the morning and the afternoon.All the thirty-eight classroms are filled to capacity during both sessions.Since it is an integrated schhol,there are English,Malay,Chinese and Tamil streams.The students of there four streams take great pride in learning their mother tongues.Our principal or head master is Mr Lim, who is a strict disciplinarian,quiet affable and loved by every one for us.We have a spacious playground,badminton and basketball courts.During the interschool sports, my school always does well,winning many first and second prizes.In the end,I would like to say something about my class teacher Mr Jaffar.He is very kind and strict.He teaches well and is liked by all of us.


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