Contoh Karangan UPSR: My Self, by Mariana Daniel
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Australia Mariana Daniel
Title:My Self
2010-02-07 23:35
     Hi,My name is Mariana Nur Na'dia bt Daniel.You all can call me Maria or Mariana.I was 13 years old for this year.I'm studying at S.M.A D.M.W. I was in form 1 umar.I was born on 8 February.My father name is Daniel bin Sharudin and my mother name is Melissa    md Isha.

     I have four sibling.The first who was born is my sister ,her name is Sara Nur Na'bila.She was 16 years old.Then my brother Shafiq Muhamad Amir ,he was 15 years old,then    i was born ,and the last child is my sister,her name is 'Ain Nur Na'jiha,she was 11 years old.

     Then i would like to tell you about my best friend.My best friend at school is Hotaru[ not real name],Shafiqa Arisya ,Nur Amni Fatehah and Hazwani Aliah.They was really nice to me.I've glad to have a friend like them.It was good to have a best friend so it was good    if you have your own best friend.

     About my pet.I have 2 cats.They name was Puteh and comet.My cats are very cute but i admire most of all cat were cute .Puteh was a gift from Hotaru for my birthday and Comet is a cat that i meet in drain.Comet look bad at those time so i made a decission to keep it as my second pet.

    My favourite food is chicken chop,Nasi ayam and Macarony soup.My favourite drink is apple juice.I was very happy that i have found this web i mean KARANGAN UPSR cause i have got alot of friends at here.I was very thankful to God cause of making me born and get such a wonderful life.

    The last thing is about my hobby and ambition,i really like to draw,cook and reading when i have time to spend with,but i like to spend my time most with my family that i can share my problem with.My ambition is to be an Architect .I hope i can be an Architect ,i wanted to design a building or a special house for orphanage or help the people who doesnt have a house.That was     about myself so i was very glad if you all want to share your profile with me.




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