Contoh Karangan UPSR: Dialog: Valentine's Day, by Sandy
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Kuala Lumpur Sandy
Title:Dialog: Valentine's Day
2010-01-19 23:07
Stephanie and Janet are going to the canteen to have branch.

Stephanie: Hey, Janet! It's almost Valentine's Day, what are you going to give to our teachers and our classmates?

Janet: Gee? I'm not sure. But I think we can make some Valentine's Day Cards to our classmates and teachers.

Stephanie: Wow! That's a great idea, Janet. But you can't just give our classmates or teachers, we have to give to our headmistress.

Janet: YOUR RIGHT!!! Because our headmitstress is bigger than us.

Stephanie: Not only that!!! She gave us a great place to study. We should thank her and other teachers to.Infact, why don't make the biggest card of all for our headmistress and teachers. So they can share it.

Janet: Hmm??? Great idea!!! But I think we need some help. Can you think of somebody we know?

Stephanie and Janet: Hmm?? Ah-hah! Aaron, Angel, Shareena, Patrick, Eugene, Karen and Sheldon.Thats great.

Recess time is over, they went to see those people that they're looking for.

Stephanie: OK!!! We call you guys here, because we wanted to make a.....

Janet: Biggest Valentine Card Ever for teachers and headmistress.

Stephanie: But we can't do it ourself, we need your help.

Angel: I'll agreed with you two.

Karen: I'll agreed with you guys to.


The second day, everyone bought their own art stuff and they start doing that card during recess.

Stephanie: This card is getting tricky, but we can't give up, giving is a bad habit.

Shareena: Yup, yup,yup!! No good!!!

Patrick: Hey, Stephanie, this is girls stuff, why we must do this??????!!!!!!

Aaron: Patrick, Shhhh!!!! She ask us to do this because this is a gift a the headmistress and teachers. They put us so much effort on us to study. We have to thank em'! Say sorry to Stephanie!!! NOW!!!

Stephanie: Thanks, Aaron!!! I'll know you understand me.

Patrick: OK!! I'm sorry, Stephanie!!!

Stephanie: That's ok, Patrick. Keep on doing then I'm happy.

Patrick: Yes sir!!!!!!!!!!!!

They put so much effort on this card. But on Valentine's Day, they finish the card. They have manage to tell the headmistress to stand on the stage after that.

Teacher Lim: OK now there's a special gift just for the headmistress and teachers. So er... all the teachers please come up!

Stephanie: Ready, Go up!!!

Stephanie: (holding the microphone) Good morning to the headmistress, teachers and all my beloved friends.

Janet: Today is a special day and it is Valentine's Day.

Patrick: We like to say Happy Valentines Day, to the whole school.

Angel: We like to present you to our hand-make Valentine's Day Card.

Aaron: This card brings you joy, happiness and wish y'all to be clever in studies.

Shareena: Although we like playing, but we still have to concentrate on our studies.

Karen, Sheldon, Eugene: What old people said "When comes To Studies, we must be serious, and when come to play, we can play and learn.

Everyone on stage(except teachers): Today is a great day to celebrate Valentine's Day. In our heart, We wanted to say Happy Valentines Day, SJK(C) Mun Yee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Students Cheering) Give the card to the headmistress and go down stage.

    Later, all students went back to class.But headmistress have something to say

Headmistress: Thank you for the card, children!!!! It is the greatest Valentine's Day ever!!!!!!!!!

Everyone: Er... Your welcome, headmistress Lim!!!!

(headmistress walks away)

Janet: That was great!!!!!! We did it !!!!!(pating on Stephanie's shoulder)

Patrick: Hey why don't we do it next year again!!!!

(Everyone runs away except Patrick)

Patrick: Hello, hey I was just asking!!!!!

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