Contoh Karangan UPSR: meghna\'s mother\'s daily routine in the morning, by haneta
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Selangor haneta
Title:meghna\'s mother\'s daily routine in the morning
2010-09-16 00:10
     Meghna’s mother is a very responsible mother and she does her work every day. She is a housewife and a hardworking person. She wakes up early every day. Firstly, she always take her shower.

     Then, she wakes up her husband and children. Meghna’s mother will prepare breakfast for her family. Her breakfast is a always very delicious. Later, she does her laundry.

     While the laundry is going on, Meghna’s mother cleans the house although it is not dusty. She will also vacuum her sofa set. Next, she will take the clothes out of the washing machine and dry them outside under the hot sun.

     Finally. She cooks lunch for her family members. After that, she will clean the kitchen and serve food for lunch. Meghna is very lucky to have a mother like her.


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