Contoh Karangan UPSR: my ambition, by BIGSTARZ
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Title:my ambition
2009-03-10 00:40
             Everybody has their own ambition especially students like me. I would like to be a doctor.

             I want to become a doctor because doctors would be of service to the people. As we all know, our country lack doctors and specialist on medicine.

             If i succeed, i shall work in the goverment hospital. I will treat each of my patients kindly. I'll be responsible for their welfare until they heal completely. I treat all my patient evenly regardless of their nationality, rank and wealth.

             After a few years in the goverment hospital, i'll open a clinic so that i can help even more people. For those who are poor, i'll provide them with medicine without charging them.

             To be a doctor, i will be off service to the people and to many country. That is my study industriously starting from now and i pray to god to help me achieve my ambition.


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