Contoh Karangan UPSR: GPS, by 罗根 R.Logan
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Selangor 罗根 R.Logan
2017-06-23 01:07
    Mr Lim took his family on a holiday to Melaka last weekend.He had never driven there before.He used a GPS    to show him the directions to the historical city.  
    On the day of the trip,Mr Lim put the address of the hotel into his GPS.Then,it identified the route he had to take to get to his destination.A voice gave Mr Lim the first set of directions.  
    Two hours later,Mr Lim entered the city.However,he missed a turn.Immediately,the GPS found another route.Mr Lim made a right turn and then a left which led him to the hotel.

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