Contoh Karangan UPSR: Accident at the beach, by Misha Khairina
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Perak Misha Khairina
Title:Accident at the beach
2017-04-25 20:13
Last week on a fine Sunday morning, Fasiya and his family went to Batu Pahat beach for a picnic. They set off their journey at eight o’clock in the morning and arrived there an hour later. Upon arriving there, they could see a big crowd of people on this golden sandy beach. They could also see many people swimming happily in the sea. The water was indeed crystal clear. Everyone was amazed . They quickly looked for a nice spot to put all their things. Fasiya    and his siblings helped their parents to take out all food and drinks from the car.  
                    Fasiya decided to go for a swim.Firstly,he asked her mother permission.Then,he swam in the water.  
                    Suddenly, Fasiya    heard a faint noise. At first, he paid no heed to it. But, soon it grew louder and louder. He heard someone screaming for help. He looked around. To his surprise, he saw a boy struggling in the water. Fasiya    quickly told his father about it. Without hesitation , Fasiya's father swam towards the boy. He put his arm around the drowning boy’s neck and pulled him to the shore. He swam with all his might. Finally he managed to save the boy.He felt tired but proud because he had saved a human life.

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