Contoh Karangan UPSR: Write an email to your friend tell him about the farm., by jack
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Selangor jack
Title:Write an email to your friend tell him about the farm.
2017-03-24 20:53
Dear Sean,  
    Do you know that I went to my uncle's farm last week?Let me tell you what there are.  
    First,there are some cow eat the grass.They so cute and tame.Suddenly,I saw both of the cow are grabbing the grass.I am very curious while I see that scene.  
    Next,I see that a staff is milking a cow.Wow!There are some fresh milk is squeezed out.I immediate to ask to try to squeeze milk.  
    It's to late.Okay,put this pen.After all.  
Your friend,  

Halim, (2017-07-22 16:49)
Hai sayang Buat apa tu saya tahulah awak tulis semua tu untuk saya kan saya tahu sangat lah sayang awak pun tahu kan saya sayang sangat kat awak Semuanya saya nak cakap tapi tak tahu lah nak macam mana nak buat kan Tapi saya pun tak tahu Allahumma salli ala sayyidina muhammad wa ala ali sayyidina muhammad attahiyatul mubarakatus solawatut taiyibatu laillah assalamu'alaika
Saqikinah, (2017-07-22 16:47)
BUat pa tu, laiu ka nk p kit bGgsh nVvJhbGggkm  
Zbbz nz.  
Hb nxm  
Xb Insyaallah aku tak mau pun buat tak apa Insya Allah maut pun tak mau kau pun tak tahulah Esok aku akan buat apa yang hang nak tapi tak payahlah nak sangat aku tahu aku pilih how to fix PES
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