Contoh Karangan UPSR: My Best Friend, by Ainnur Zafirah
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Kelantan Ainnur Zafirah
Title:My Best Friend
2013-03-17 19:22
             My best    friend    is    Hasya.She is a Mlay girl whom i met on the    first    day    of    school.We    met    when    we    were in Year One.As we    were    seated next to each other,    we introduced    ourselves and shook    hands shyly. From then    on, we    have    always    been    together.  
             Hasya is as gentle as adove.She is also    very    good    in    her    studies.She is a diligent    and    persistent    student.This    was    good    because i too began tu study harder.Everyday, we study together in lbrary.We both help each other    in studies.As a result,    we score high marks for our exams.Our    teacher    are    very proud of us.  
             I am lucky    because    my    best    friend    stays stays    nerby my house.In    the evenings, weplay    badminton outside my house.It    is favourite game.After playing badminton, we would    walk or jog at anearby park.  
             Although    we share    several similar interests,    we    are still    different    in    terms    of our race, religion,    culture and    beliafs.However, we do not    let    our differences    come    between    us.We    both    are very    tolerant    towards    each    other's    differences.This    is    what    makes    our    friendsihip    strong.

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