Contoh Karangan UPSR: Rosli's Bag, by Lutaibbar Hayiwada
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:New Zealand Lutaibbar Hayiwada
Title:Rosli's Bag
2013-01-05 17:26
The pupils of 6 Sabar love going on field trips. They always asked their teacher to organise one after their UPSR examination. Their beloved teacher, Puan Maria had an idea and she decided to make an arrangement with the other teachers to hold an English Competition. The first prize is a free trip to Melaka. It happened to be the 6 Sabar pupils who have won the competition. They were very excited as they could go to Melaka for free. They went home and told their parents about the trip. Their parents agreed and gave them permission to join the trip.  
On the next following week, all the students, accompanied by their parents gathered at the school compound. Their teachers took their attendance. After everything has completed, the pupils gleefully boarded the bus. Meanwhile, the bus driver meticulouslyarranged the bags into the compartment. He arranged them carefully so that none of the things were left behind. Not long after that, the driver hopped onto the driver's seat and slowly drove away. The pupils waved goodbye to their parents. They were tremendously happy.  
A split second after the bus left, something caught the eye of one of the parents. He noticed that there was a vibrant coloured bag left on the ground. He shouted frantically and ran towards the bus, waving his hands in the air, hoping to catch the attention of the bus driver or any of the pupils. Unfortunately, no one noticed him. Then, he asked some of the parents who were also waiting beside him to wave to the bus driver but he could not see them. Without hesitation, Puan Linda, the headmistress called one of the teachers on the bus using her mobile phone. Luckily, the teacher answered and immediately asked the bus driver to take the bag that was left behind.  
A minute not too long, the bus arrived at the school again and Puan Linda handed over the bag It was Adlina's bag. She was relieved that she got her bag back.She thanked Puan Linda and the parents for giving her bag back. She boarded the bus again and they continued their journey.

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