Contoh Karangan UPSR: karangan sambung cerita kes ragut, by Suso
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Perak Suso
Title:karangan sambung cerita kes ragut
2012-08-02 16:19
I agree with you, Brad, 100%.There is this sort of co-efficient of credibility that has to get above 50% or the beelif in something just won't spread.If Ford Motor Company started saying that they had a car that could get 45 mpg, people would believe it.    FMC has a lot of credibility.    The jump to 45 mpg is not that great.    If I told Terry she would believe it.    If Terry told her husband, he would be believe it.    And so on.    Eventually everyone in society would be awaiting Ford's release of their new high mpg car.If I (not much credibility) told you that I had a method that would cure most illnesses (credibility drops) that costs exactly nothing (credibility drops some more) that is 5000 years old (credibility goes up some, but with my creds so far down, my saying that it is 5000 years old is in doubt), beelif in it will not spread.Rossi's creds started out not so great; he had a history of trouble with the justice system.    Cold Fusion could not be replicated and MIT wanted it to go away.    So MIT used their cred capital to discredit cold fusion (this cred-chicken will come home to roost for MIT).    So, cold fusion became discredited.    Scientifically, it would have been impossible for Rossi to spread beelif in his invention (assuming that he is not a crook in reality).    The most credible thing in the world is to show people.    If I had cancer, and I cured myself with my wondrous healing method, that would be very credible.    This is what Rossi is going to do.    But he has to be able to make enough money to show enough people to get enough credibility momentum to over come his own lack of credibility and MITs discrediting of him and the natural discrediting of cold fusions difficult to replicate early days and the huge credibility gap associated with the Coulomb Barrier.

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