Contoh Karangan UPSR: A National Day At Dataran Merdeka., by Daarshini Rajasingam ( SKPA 2)
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Selangor Daarshini Rajasingam ( SKPA 2)
Title:A National Day At Dataran Merdeka.
2012-07-25 19:35
        Malaysians celebrate their National Day on 31st of August every year.there is always a lot of activities at Dataran Merdeka on this special day.  
        Last year Siti and his family went to Dataran Merdeka to watch the perfomances.They saw children holding the national flags and waving them happily.  
        Soon,the parade started off with the march past of the soldiers.They were marching very smartly.They wore a complete uniform and a hat on their head.  
        The perfomances ended with a tradional Malay dance.The dancers danced gracefully.Siti took many photographs.They really enjoyed themselves before heading home.  
        That was a biggest day for them.

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