Contoh Karangan UPSR: A Picnic, by Saidatul Nur Shahira
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Melaka Saidatul Nur Shahira
Title:A Picnic
2012-06-07 00:41
    Azzam,who is my best friend lives in a big bungalow located near a lake.We were best friend since Year One.We share the same hobby which are swimming and fishing.  
    Last week,Azzam and his family went for picnic at Cherating,Pahang.He told me that they woke up early that morning and packed all the things needed in the boot at about 7 a.m.His mother,Puan Julia,cooked a lot of food such as fried chickens,sandwiches,fried noodles and bought some tidbits a day before te trip.They brought along a big bamboo mat with a few bottles of 100 plus.  
    That morning,His father,Encik Hakimi drove his new silver Toyota Alphard to Cherating eagerly.Azzam,his sistar,Bella and his mother were enjoying the view along the way.They were amazed to see the beautiful scenery on their left and right hand side.Their heart were full of joy.  
    On reaching their destinition,they jumped with greated joy and without any delay,they quickly put on their swimming attire.Azzam dived and splashed into the cooling and refreshing water.He was as happy as a lark.After a couple of hours swimming and splashing,they started to play the ball on the beach and built a sand castles.They really had an enjoyble moment at the beach.  
    A few hours later,they had their meals which his mother brought this morning.They were so hungry.The food was scrumptious and finger licking.After eating,Azzam and his sister went collecting colourful and beautiful seashells along the seasides.They also bought some souviners for their relatives and friends.At about 1 p.m.,they packed their things and cleared up the place.  
    They were exhausted but happy.They enjoyed themselves very much and planned to come again next time.Along the way,Azzam was snoring loudly after a few minutes.It was an unforgettable moment in their life because they had a marvelous and amazing time together.  

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