Contoh Karangan UPSR: Chinese new year, by Eugene ang kin loon
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Kuala Lumpur Eugene ang kin loon
Title:Chinese new year
2012-06-05 13:44
     Chinese New Year has been over for a few months.I believe everyone had a great chinese new year last February.I also believe that some of you had collected many angpows and visited your relatives.I would like to share my experirence to you.  
        During the Chinese New Year,my family,relatives and I went to Penang to celebrate.It took us 5 hours to reach ther because we started our journey early.My sister and I were very excited to meet my cousins and spend time with my elders.  
         When we reached there,my uncle welcomed us with a great smile.After we put our luggages in his house,we went to our cousins' room.My sister played games with some smaller age cousins while I talked about the preparations to face UPSR with my Year 6 cousins because I have already finished UPSR.  
            In the evening,all of our relatives arrived.My grandparents went in my uncle's house to help them to cook food.During that night,we ate together.Meanwhile my uncle wanted my help to help him with the internet connections,it was easy for me as I always use the computer.  
            The next day,my cousins and I greeted the adults and grandparents 'Good morning' and 'Happy Chinese New Year'.They said the smething to us too.They gave each of us angpows.We felt as happy as a lark.At night,we went outside the house to play fireworks,it was fun while the adults watched us playing.  
            The third day,my sister,the adults and my grandparents went to the shopping mall to buy stuff.I went with them too.When we were at the shopping mall,it was packed with people.We quickly went to buy the things we need.When we finished,we went home.  
            The fourth day,my uncles and I went to play badminton in a court.When we reached home,we had our dinner.There is one thing that suprises me is thet my year 6 cousins brought along their reference books to revise.I thought to my self,they were hardworking no matter what.I was shocked because I did not do too much revising as them.  
             Finnaly the last day,it was time to go home.My family went to pack our stuff.We said goodbye to our uncles,aunties,grandparents and cousins.I had a strange feeling,because something like this might happen in the next Chinese New Year.  

mohd firdaus bin hamzah, (2016-08-25 19:04)
I hope you are in a pink of health. recently,my school organised the environmentalweek.there were someactivitiesiattended during that week.  
firs,i participated in the environmental quiz. it was so informative.lastly,i also partici pated in coloring contest on clen beach. i was the first runner up.  
hopefully,there will be his environmenta week next year  
your cousin  
•jun, (2016-08-15 20:21)
Very good but to long lah
goppa, (2016-07-16 11:34)
i like  

goppa, (2016-07-16 11:34)
i like  

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liao, (2015-05-11 19:47)
what is my hobby  

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