Contoh Karangan UPSR: (Informal letter)Birthday party invitation, by Manjary Muniandy
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Perak Manjary Muniandy
Title:(Informal letter)Birthday party invitation
2012-05-31 04:44
                                                                                             No.10 Lot 5166,  
                                                                                             Kampung Pundut,  
                                                                                             30 MARCH 2012  
Dear Elisha,  
    How are you?I hope you're in the pink.As you know we always wonder to meet our school friends during the school holidays ast they enjoy some mutually liked activity by themselves.Here's an excellent chance.  
    On Wednesday,6 June 2012 I'm celebrating my birthday.The theme of the party is casual wear.Oh!This is the most important.The party starts at 7:30 p.m.I have invited our classmates.You could bring along your siblings too.  
    Furthermore,the party is going to be celebrated at the Ah Heng Restaurant.Not to be left behind,the food.The food served are all legetimate.There will be seven types of pleasant and satisfying dishes.  
    I guarantee you that the party won't be tedious because we are having some gratifying activities after the meal.I just expect the party goes smoothly without a hitch.I just want everyone to retreat with sufficient filling and with a prutuberant stomach.I hope that this would be the most felicitous party.  
                                                                                         Yours lovingly,  

aravind, (2016-08-25 21:26)
not good
PEWDIEPIE, (2016-08-17 18:41)
Nice assay  

diva, (2016-08-02 21:10)
Iam UPSR student.
sumathi, (2016-07-12 20:42)
I am a UPSR student.
nanannanannananana, (2016-07-08 16:05)
nanannanannananana, (2016-07-08 16:05)
I am a upsr student.Good., (2016-05-13 06:57)

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