Contoh Karangan UPSR: Perbualan Telefon, by Akira
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Terengganu Akira
Title:Perbualan Telefon
2012-05-18 05:25
“wtf?? DOTA is the best game ever “. then he straight put his latpop in front of me while im playing DOTA. then i was like ” go away fuc…….. dude!! you’ve gotta be kidding me!!!” he showed me the official website of HON the video and all that. i afk DOTA untill i get booted ^_^. as an experience dota-like gamer, since i’ve been playing dota 4 aproximately 5 years, i think i deserve the beta key. i found that HON is FAR BETTER then DOTA. it has a protection to those faggot (leavers and laggers) which is we cant get that in DOTA, it also have the best features of all which is the game reconnection. HON provides a lot of new features than DOTA which is makes HON FAR BETTER than dota, and for GOD sake the GRAPHIC IS SUPERB MAN!!! plus it has new and remake awesome heroes. everybody will talking bout HON instead of DOTA (no doubt bout that). lastly i think i deserve the beta key because i broke up with my girlfriend TWICE because of DOTA. that shows how passionate i am to this kind of game. ur consideration is really really appreciated. if i happened to be the winner please dont be shy to email me at    LONG LIVE HON!!! ^_^

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