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Name:Perak A.Viknesh....[school-sjkt changkat]
Title:My dream
2012-03-05 14:07
Everybody has dreams.A dream is person's ambition or a strong desire to achieve something.My dream is to study in Cambridge University.It all started at the age of 3 when i went to Cambridge Kids Kindergarten.I studied there for 2 years.At the age of 5 i went for English lessons in Cambridge Kids which is called Cambridge English for Life.I am still going for lessons.For this,a certificate is given by Cambridge University.That is when i got to know that there is a university called Cambridge University.Cambridge University is in England,United Kingdom.My mum said that this university is one of the oldest and the best in the world.So,from that day onwards,to study in Cambridge University became my dream.then i needed to work hard and be excellent in my studies to achieve my dream.

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kacang kata, (2015-11-01 14:54)
Awfa Hana Binti Mohd Syahiran, (2015-04-03 11:44)
Hi,nice your story 'A Dream'...
Hakim, (2015-02-14 14:55)
It good essy  

Filzatul Hanan, (2014-12-04 12:14)
I love this essays.Thank you because your essays give me an idea.
1, (2014-11-12 00:00)
Fazila, (2014-09-20 15:57)
Hye! May i have your permission to use this essay (and maybe other essays in this website) for my students? and maybe i will do some changes here and there? will i have your permission?
nur ainul mardhiah bt nor azam, (2014-09-12 16:38)
this essay very good I like this essay
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