Contoh Karangan UPSR: Picnic with Family, by Nur Qistina Aliah Bte Iqbal Amieerul
Contoh Karangan UPSR
Name:Melaka Nur Qistina Aliah Bte Iqbal Amieerul
Title:Picnic with Family
2012-02-13 00:13
Last Sunday,Qistina and her family went to a picnic on the beach.Her father drove them there in his new car.The ride took about thirty minutes. When they reached their destination, Qistina saw her uncle and his family waiting for them.  
    Qistina was excited to meet her cousins.they quickly got together and chatted happyily.While there parents set up a big umbrella and laid out a picnic basket,Qistina and her two cousins raced each other towards the sea.They swam in the sea and played water polo.They also built sandcastles and collected seashells.They had a lot of fun and a great time at the picnic.  
    It was late in the evening when the relatives parted and went home.All of them enjoed the picnic. It was a successful outing and they lokked forward to their next outing.

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